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Folic Acid 50mg Capsules

R37.00 Inc. Vat

Folic Acid is a B-vitamin needed for cell replication.

Folic Acid 5mg Capsules

R34.00 Inc. Vat

Folic Acid is a B-vitamin needed for cell replication. Folic acid helps form building blocks of DNA, the body’s genetic information and is needed for protein synthesis in all cells.

Ginger Root

R110.00 Inc. Vat

The root of this vegetable is used to treat nausea, motion sickness and cleanses lymphatic glands, bladder and kidneys.

Iron (Chelated)

R42.00 Inc. Vat

A Chelated Iron capsule to ensure absorption for patients with low iron levels & anaemia.

Magnesium Citrate

R108.00 Inc. Vat

A complete Magnesium Supplement. A shortage of Magnesium in your diet can often result in Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Fatigue, Kidney Stones, Migraines, and PMS


R86.00 Inc. Vat

Probiotics are bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of organisms in the intestines and promote a healthy digestive system.

Vitamin B12

R103.00 Inc. Vat

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin found in foods such as meat, fish and dairy. It is required for the proper function and development of the brain, nerves, blood cells and many other parts of the body.


Vitamin C

R125.00 Inc. Vat

Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid helps tissue and bone grow and repair themselves, as well as helping the body absorb the mineral iron. Used to assist in the treatment of the common cold, asthma, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and to boost the immune system.