A foodstuff (such as a fortified food or dietary supplement) that provides health benefits in addition to its basic nutritional value.

Herbal medication is used to maintain and/or improve health the natural way. It is
affordable and does generally not have as much side effects as chemically formulated
medication. Amongst its natural healing qualities, it contains no artificial flavours,
colourants or preservatives.

Yes, some herbal medication can cause an interaction with some pharmaceutical
medication. It can also make the pharmaceutical medication less effective. Always read the
cautions of each product, and talk to your doctor if in doubt.

Nutraceuticals are products derived from food sources that provide further health benefits
beyond that found in our food due to concentration and combinations. They are used to
control symptoms, prevent chronic disease, support the structure and function of the body,
and manage specific underlying conditions. Nutraceuticals can come in the form of isolated
nutrients, dietary supplements, herbal products, and targeted nutrition programs.

Quality is extremely important when choosing nutraceuticals. It’s very difficult to determine
the quality of the product based only on the label. The quality of control in production relies
entirely on the manufacturer. Different batches can even be sold under the same label while
being produced in entirely different factories. This is why it’s really important to only
purchase nutraceuticals from reputable manufacturers, such as Dr. Aucamp’s Health Clinic,
and avoid purchasing supplements at most drug or grocery stores.

As a qualified Medical Doctor, with his years of research in Nutraceuticals, his passion to
really cure people and his proven track record, his knowledge of both fraternities makes his
products and services truly unique.

Yes. He cannot be contacted telephonically but can be contacted directly on his personal e-
mail, medico@senco.co.za and he will respond accordingly.

Yes. Our website makes provision for easy and secure orders that can be paid for online and
the products delivered to you by courier. www.draucamp.com.

A variety of “Conditions” are listed on the website (www.draucamp.com) and simply clicking
on it will provide you with related medications. This list is however limited to most
prominent ones as there are simply too many conditions. We advise that you also do your
own research to ease your mind.

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