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Aloe Ferrox

R67.00 Inc. Vat

Aloe Ferox is an indigenous South African plant that has been used for centuries to purge the intestines and stimulate bowel movement.

Haemorrhoid Compound

R202.00 Inc. Vat

Piles (internal & external) are very painful. Haemorrhoid Compound helps the piles to shrink, reducing painful bowel movement.

Himalaya Pilex Ointment

R140.00 Inc. Vat

Piles, Haemorrhoids

Himalaya Pilex Tablets

R136.00 Inc. Vat

Piles, Haemorrhoids

Psyllium Husk

R119.00 Inc. Vat

Psyllium Husk is used to treat constipation. It increases the bulk and amount of water in the stool, making it easier to pass and causes movement of the intestines.